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Residential Mailing Lists

Residential Mailing Lists

About residential mailing lists

One can expect professional marketers to have a number of residential mailing lists on hand, which are the staple tools for direct mail marketing campaigns. Households in America number to over 100 million across all the 51 States, so no one can expect to fit all that on a single list. More than having access to a large volume of leads, direct marketing is about choosing the best quality leads.

The quality of your mailing list is in reverse proportion to the population it represents. This means that while you can reach a staggering number of households, the possibility of inaccurate and false leads are greater. Therefore, extra care should be applied when handling or relying on residential marketing leads.

Targeting for residential mailing lists

The challenge presented by residential marketing leads is not in the lack of numbers. For indeed there are more than adequate names on a typical residential listing. The challenge is in effectively narrowing down your choices – who do you target and what criteria do you use to select your leads.

Hit-and-miss strategies for this population are never advisable. If you simply rely on the numbers and hope for more hits, chances are you will end up with more misses. And with each miss, it will end up costing your campaign whether you are implementing email marketing or direct mail marketing. As the number of dead ends climb, so will your costs and it can be a very costly campaign indeed.

FindLists can help you focus your direct marketing efforts and increase its overall effectiveness. We can do this by identifying which key demographic characteristics are significant for your particular marketing activities, taking in consideration the products or services you are offering. We can also look into the benefits extended by your offer and see which segments of the market can be impacted most by them.

In essence, the goal is to turn a broad market base into as specific as possible smaller target markets and apply several niche marketing campaigns instead of running just one huge program albeit blindfolded. Targeting for residential mailing lists will definitely require more time and preparation. Ultimately however, it will yield better, more profitable returns.

FindLists Verified Residential Listings

Sourcing for reliable, up-to-date and verifiable lists is the expertise of FindLists. We do the extensive and demanding groundwork for marketing professionals and we do it the right way, so that you won’t have to. With other companies offering direct marketing leads, you may be forced to re-check your leads for accuracy instead of focusing directly on your marketing efforts.

At FindLists, we will help you reach your target market by correctly applying the proper demographic criterion. All applicable residential-related indicators will help in giving your campaign the proper focus.

Premium residential marketing lists are made affordable and accessible by FindLists to more direct marketing practitioners than other lists brokers. And we do it with a passion because our business is your marketing campaign’s success.

For Best Results, Contact FindLists Today!

To contact FindLists, call 888-514-5478. You may also email ContactUs@FindLists.com. Choose FindLists’ residential marketing leads today!

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