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Pool Owner Mailing Lists

Pool Owner Mailing Lists

About pool owner mailing lists

Imagine for a minute the kind of lifestyle that people included in pool owner marketing leads have. They are able to afford the high-cost of maintaining their swimming pools regularly. They have access to more than adequate water supply. They can afford to rest and relax, lounging about their pool areas anytime they want. In most cases, they have probably hosted a number of pool parties and have been in contact with other affluent individuals.

pool owner marketing leads are without a doubt good leads sources for well-off home owners. The United States have an estimated 7.5 million residential swimming pools, not to mention hot tubs and Jacuzzis. Owning a pool is an indicator of wealth and status. Any one of these pool owners is an ideal lead for whatever product or service you are offering in relation to your email marketing activities or direct mail marketing campaign.

Matching Products and Services for Pool Owners

Pool owners are most likely moneyed individuals but are highly probable to be frugal or practical people when it comes to parting with their cash. Take this point in consideration as you plan your niche marketing efforts based on pool owner mailing lists.

Many Americans nowadays would rather wade at their own or a neighbor’s pool rather than spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a weekend getaway. Spending on pool construction and renovations is on the rise as it is the more practical long-term investment for many homeowners.

If you have products and services related to swimming pool development and maintenance, then this is the right time to make your move. Having reliable pool owner marketing leads is like having a veritable gold mine for any marketing professional.

Average to high-end consumer products and services are applicable to many pool owners. Books and magazines related to lifestyle and home design would be of particular interest to them. Companies providing home improvement products and related services will benefit most from well-targeted pool owner mailing lists. Do-it-yourself tools and literature have a good chance of attracting pool owners as well.

Landscaping, setting up water fountains, pool lighting, poolside bars and other decorative and luxurious installations aren’t the only concern of pool owners. Pool and water safety are important expenditures as well. That is another category of products and services that can utilize direct mail marketing strategies with pool owners as lead targets.

Landing More Opportunities With Pool Owners

You can probably make an educated guess that pool owners appreciate good company. For many pool owners, it is all about spending time with family, neighbors and friends. Because of this naturally occurring network of potential markets around pool owners, being able to tap into the pool owner market gives a marketer the advantage of passively reaching other people as well.

Just make sure that your pool owner marketing leads have all the right information you need. Accuracy is integral for this market as there is a wide discrepancy in numbers between people with residential pools and active pool owners. Latest spending on pool maintenance or renovation is a key indicator of the leads’ financial capacity. How often the pool owner spends on pool upkeep is another factor.

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FindLists provide only accurate and reliable pool owner mailing lists that are sure to boost your ROI. Call 888-514-5478 or email ContactUs@FindLists.com now.

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