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Physician Mailing Lists

Physician Email Lists

About Physician Mailing Lists

Direct marketing practitioners who have access to quality leads, such as with physician marketing leads, are almost ensured of getting good returns. The niche market for doctors is not only one that is financially viable but is among the most in need of general and specialized products and services.

Quite simply, physicians are the mother lode of target markets. They are smart, rich and must be adequately equipped to perform their profession well – from medical supplies, equipment, and literature to various business products and services, like software, office items as well as everyday consumer commodities.

These exclusive lists of medical practitioners are not readily available to most people. Nevertheless, FindLists have the means and the expertise to source and secure the most reliable and complete physician mailing lists out there. Not only will our direct marketing leads support your niche marketing campaign, you also save time, money and effort in the process.

FindLists: The Right Way To Target Leads

Apart from the usual demographics – geographical location, gender, age, civil status, race, level of education, size of household, annual income, etc. – you can further narrow down your leads based on physician marketing leads along such factors and characteristics as:

  • Area of specialization
  • Nature of practice
  • Association memberships
  • Years in practice
  • Journal subscriptions
  • Continuing education
  • and other occupational indicators
To illustrate: a rookie doctor who has not been practicing very long is prime real estate, so to speak, for marketing professionals. They are more likely to invest and make numerous key purchases to advance their careers. In contrast, medical practitioners who have already established themselves for a long time are more inclined to offers of leisure and those that have recreational value.

You therefore have better chances at success with offering high-end hybrid cars to young rising medical doctors while targeting the ultra luxury sedans for senior physicians and top caliber medical specialists. FindLists can help you make the most of your physician mailing lists and thereby maximize your rate of return.

Physician marketing leads: Is There A Doctor In The House?

Like most mailing lists, you should get home addresses, phone numbers, email information and other contact details for your physician marketing leads. However, how sure are you that your direct marketing campaign gets received by the doctor you are trying to reach? FindLists expertise in lists brokerage and management and data verification gives you that additional assurance that your email or direct mail marketing campaign will not go to waste.

Based on various databases available there are 788,000 doctors working all over the United States. You can improve your chances of exposure by focusing on locations that are not centers of the medical profession as these are the most saturated areas frequented by seasoned marketers. FindLists can help you trim your choices and make the most of your marketing dollars.

Call FindLists Today

By choosing FindLists you can have access to our top-quality, reliable and verified physician marketing leads. Rest assured that our client representatives are here to help you on your specific niche marketing campaign. Call 888-514-5478 or email FindLists at ContactUs@FindLists.com.

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