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Pet Owner Mailing Lists

Pet Owner Mailing Lists

About pet owner mailing lists

As more and more American households become pet owners, pet owner mailing lists become an increasingly significant tool for marketers. As of 2005, there were almost 70 million American homes that cared for at least one pet. That’s 63% of the total number of households in the USA! Having access to that broad market as you prepare your direct marketing campaign can present a great advantage albeit a daunting process.

One may think that the pet population is overrun by cats and dogs. Statistics show that cats number to about 90 million and around 73 million for dogs. However, America’s favorite pet animal is fish with nearly 140 million freshwater and 10 million saltwater fish pets. Other animals like birds, small mammals and reptiles figure to about 10 to 20 million. Knowing what pets your leads have based on your pet owner marketing leads should give you insight into the characteristics, spending habits and other peculiarities of the pet owners.

The Business of Owning Pets

Keeping pets is a costly endeavor. While some pets are simple and low maintenance like fish and reptiles, others like dogs require a regular regimen of upkeep. There are specialized food and hygiene requirements for particular species of animals. Then there are routine trips to the veterinarian. Many pet owners today splurge on pet accessories.

Pet products and services are naturally in line with pet owner mailing lists. There are pet fences and housing, collars, grooming products and services, toys and treats, and other pet care offerings, not to mention those crazy blings and pet designer clothing. Considering that pet spending in America has risen to as much as 34 billion US dollars annually, direct mail marketing to pet owners is sure to provide a great rate of return for the skilled niche marketing professional.

Your Business to Those Who Own Pets

Promoting and offering your non-pet related business to pet owners via direct marketing strategies still makes good sense. You know that pet owners value life and health and that their choice of pets reflects their lifestyle. Planning your email marketing or direct mail campaigns based on the valuable information provided by pet owner marketing leads like those from FindLists can help you maximize your ROI.

Dog owners for example are usually quite active individuals who must take their pets for walks even in cold winter weather. A line of active wear and winter gear would likely be of interest to them. As another example, busy individuals who lead very hectic schedules would prefer pets that require little maintenance and interaction like fish. Giving away free literature for fish and aquarium, keeping along with your offer for a vacation package in a tropical island will surely have some of these leads signing at the dotted line.

Take note of how long your leads have their pets in their possession. This detail should be indicated with your pet owner mailing lists. This indicates the person’s capacity to keep a pet over time. It is also probable that they will invest more for their long term companions and make related purchases.

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