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Jewish Mailing Lists

Jewish Mailing Lists

About Jewish Mailing Lists

When you want to gain maximum exposure with high rates of return, consider Jewish mailing lists. By around 2007, the Jewish population in the United States was estimated at almost 6.5 million – which is only 2.2% of the total population of the USA. Targeting such a small segment of the market may seem contrary to common business practice. However, you should note that nearly half of the Jewish community in America make higher than average income compared to most Americans.

In this niche marketing scenario, it is therefore not simply an issue of the number of leads that you can generate, but rather more a matter of the quality of your leads. Sheer buying power is the main factor when talking about direct mail marketing campaigns targeted for the Jewish crowd in the United States. Over 45% of Jewish Americans earn more than $100,000 annually with many having jobs in high-paying industries such as in business management, healthcare, law, science, entertainment, technology and the academe.

Reaching Major Jewish Centers in the USA with FindLists

The US experience with the Jewish population is somewhat of a paradox. There are more self-professing Jews, around 7 million, compared to those counted officially as belonging to the Jewish community. This sort of incongruence can be very tricky for most brokers of direct marketing leads. Nevertheless, FindLists employs best practices in research and verification so that you can be sure to reach the Jewish community with fewer problems and more results.

While Jews in America are strewn all across the 51 States, FindLists have identified the top 10 key Jewish communities according to population size and density. When targeting for sheer number of Jews, the following States in order can bring you maximum returns: New York, California, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Illinois, Maryland, Ohio and Texas.

However, if you want to look at the degree of Jewish influence as reflected by percentage of Jews against the total population, the following States are your best bets: New York, New Jersey, District of Columbia, Massachusetts, Maryland, Florida, Nevada, Connecticut, California, and Pennsylvania.

In both instances, New York figures as a key location when designing email marketing or direct mail marketing campaigns for the Jewish community. However, do take note that by focusing on other States with a higher percentage of Jews against the total population you can make more gains in exposure as they are less likely to be targeted by major direct marketing firms.

FindList's Reliable Jewish Mailing Lists

Setting up your niche marketing campaign for the Jewish community is made easy with FindLists’ quality direct marketing leads. FindLists have years of experience in marketing research, data gathering and source verification so you can focus on building your market base and not waste time and resources on false leads.

Our business is to help you gain direct marketing success. With well-targeted Jewish mailing lists in your toolkit, you too can find success in reaching your target market so you can offer your products and services and yield positive returns.

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