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Executives Mailing Lists

Executives Mailing Lists

About Executives Mailing Lists

Selling to executives requires a very judiciously crafted marketing campaign otherwise the premium cost of acquiring executives mailing lists can quickly go to waste. Executives maintain very hectic schedules and a direct mail marketing strategy that fails to get their attention from the start will invariably find its way to the trash bin.

Gaining access to executives marketing leads can be very costly indeed. Nevertheless, these are the key decision makers and are quite often the ones signing the big checks for business purchases. The harsh truth of the matter is that executives marketing leads are worthless unless you can master how to get through all the busy schedule and stonewalling associated with business executives.

Making the Most of Executives marketing leads

Treating executives mailing lists like any standard direct marketing leads of average consumers is the ineffective, not to mention wasteful, approach. A campaign for executives must go straight and focus on the benefits instead of on a product or service’s features. By doing so, he or she can evaluate the decision based on what will add more value for their company.

Most executives do not like to be bogged down by the details. It wouldn’t matter to the CEO or a president of the company if the digital projector you are pitching, for example, is an advanced DLP projector with a lumens rating of 1500 and auto-correcting, auto-balancing features. What would matter to a big boss is knowing that he can put a message across visually and make an impact to his audience more effectively with your projector than without. Keep this point in mind before spending on executives mailing lists.

What to Expect from Executives marketing leads

There are many executives marketing leads out there but they are not all alike. A good mailing list should be able to give you the complete set of executives of a company including their name, position, mailing address, email address, office phone number and other essential details. Some of the important executive positions you should look for include:
  • Chairman
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Finance Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • President
  • Vice-Presidents
  • Executive Director
  • Managing Directors
  • Director for Operations
  • Marketing Director
  • Managers
  • Senior Partners
  • Marketing Executives
  • Sales Executives
  • Owner or Proprietor
There are many other key positions in a corporation. Knowing who holds these positions and what their respective responsibilities are will allow you to maximize the acquisition of your executives marketing leads

In addition your mailing list should be able to tell you about additional corporate information such as the number of employees, business registration details, areas of operation, industry association affiliations and other data that can bring you insight into how best to approach and touch base with your target executives. Lastly, your direct marketing leads must be up-to-date.

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