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Email Address Lists

Email Address Lists

About Email Address Lists

These days, acquiring good quality and reliable email address lists is a must for every online marketer or direct mail marketing professional. The global market has found a faster platform to reach and transact with customers, which is the Internet.

Direct marketing has since gone the way of the World Wide Web because of the speed and cost-effectiveness that email messaging provides. Not only that, but it is also largely expected for email marketing to continue to rise in the years to follow. FindLists is here to back you up as you strive to gain ground in this young field of electronic direct mail marketing.

Unlike direct mailing lists however, email address lists have a considerably shorter lifespan. Whereas addresses on direct mailing lists require a physical real estate that makes it quite impractical to just change and relocate; email addresses by nature are virtual and can be discarded and changed on a whim.

Why Email Addresses Are Discarded Quickly

The transient characteristic of email addresses make email address lists obsolete in as short as four months. This is the standard period of inactivity that many Internet service providers and email providers follow. When an email account is inactive for that long, ISPs and free email services take action to delete such accounts.

Most people have several email accounts that they maintain for various purposes – business, family, friends, personal, and some have accounts completely for commercial purposes only. For the most part, people always use just one or two of these accounts. As these accounts become inactive and ultimately removed from service, many email addresses on email address lists will bounce back.

In other cases, people may have become flooded by spam email at some point and because of that they either just abandon the account or they would simply make a new one or request their ISPs a new address.

With the promulgation of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, excessive spamming practices were controlled. Many anti-spam software also came out giving people more control over spam and allowing them to hold on to email addresses for a longer period of time.

In addition, regulations for opt-in and opt-out compliance put customers and online marketers in a more conducive relationship. Because of that the conversion rates for many email marketing campaigns have steadily risen since 2003 and is expected to continue to increase in the future.

Choose FindLists for Best Results

At FindLists, we take the extra effort to ensure that information on our email address lists are up-to-date and comply with legal regulations. They are sourced from reputable opt-in and double opt-in email services and comes with detailed information regarding demographic indicators and marketing preferences, to give you maximum response rates.

This means that if you are working on a campaign for gaming software, you can easily pinpoint leads who have expressed interest in gaming software. Along with your usual demographics – age, location, sex, income, etc -- you can now design your email marketing campaign accordingly and have a greater degree of assurance that your efforts will reach your target market and bear good results.

Call or Email FindLists Today

For your orders or if you want more information, call 888-514-5478 or email ContactUs@FindLists.com. We have the right email address lists available for your campaign.

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