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Before you buy email lists for your email marketing campaign, it is very important to know that your focus should be on increasing your conversion rates. Getting your emails opened and clicked at by your leads is one thing. To turn those clicks into sales is another. Either way it all starts with an accurate and CAN-SPAM compliant email list.

Almost every marketing department of major companies has earmarked a sizable budget to buy email lists. In the past, this would have been totally unheard of. But with today’s global economy and the fact that many business have gone online, email marketing is now a major aspect of today’s business transactions.

The Importance of Email Lists

Favorable business results from email marketing activities have risen in the past years. Conversion rates in the late 1990’s were only around 2% to 5% but the estimates in 2004 where up at almost 15%. This shows a steadily growing acceptance of Internet-based direct mail marketing campaigns and purely online commerce.

Note however that online conversion trends are on the upswing. The shift from traditional retail to online transactions is still at the early stages. This trend is likely to grow more in the coming years as businesses and households subscribe to faster, reliable and cheaper Internet broadband connections. This is therefore the best time to buy email lists and start establishing yourself as an accomplished email marketing professional.

Email lists are very affordable compared to other lists and when utilized properly for any direct marketing campaign, they can be quite cost-effective. However, email lists are not popular for their accuracy. In fact, they may be among the least reliable of all direct mailing lists since setting up email accounts are just as easy and cost-free as throwing them away. Before you know it, your lead’s email address might have been converted to a honey pot trap for spam emails.

Criteria for Email Lists

When you buy email lists make sure to get only those that are sourced from dependable and well-known opt-in and double opt-in services. This will ensure that the email addresses you are working on are real, current and are authorized to receive offers from reputable marketing entities. As such, you won’t have to worry so much about compliance with CAN-SPAM rules and whether your campaign would end up bouncing back. FindLists can provide you with such reliable email lists for your next email marketing drive.

Leads from opt-in services are your best bets all around. For one thing, they appreciate the technology of the Internet. They have also signed up to receive legitimate offers via email. In most cases, a selection of interests are indicated giving you valuable insight on the best products and services to offer as well as to how to design your email marketing campaign for various leads with similar interests. To ensure that your opt-in and double opt-in leads are a match to your offers, you can further classify them according to the usual demographics:

  • Sex
  • Age
  • Location
  • Occupation
  • Number of household members
  • Annual income range
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If you have additional queries or if you want to buy email lists for your email marketing program, call 888-514-5478 or email us at ContactUs@FindLists.com.

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